Firmware download slot machines Gaminator, Novomatic, Admiral, Cobra, Megakatok, Games4You, Hot Spot Platinum

Firmware download Gaminator Cobra 1 v 5.8-12 - 94%

Firmware download slot machines
Gaminator Cobra 1 v 5.8-12 - 94%
File size: 64 MB

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For download from: Gaminator Cobra 1 v 5.8-12 - 94%
Firmware new 5.6-12, 5.6-13, 5.7-xx, 5.8-xx, Cobra and Hot Spot Platinum. To do this, you want to activate the virus program "Bug on Bonus" (include bug). Activator - a sequence of play that only you will know. After dialing the activator - bug activated (switch to active mode) and display a winning combination bonus game or jackpot - choose the order.
In granting all provisions wins bug is automatically disabled - disabled and slot machine returns to its normal mode of operation with a standard percentage of return. To run the bug-program for bonus you need to re-type the same code activator. Firmware with bug on bonus game is recorded in the second module slot machine Gaminator. When you install the module slot machine does not need to run or perform any other operations. Machine will continue to work as before with no signs of the virus program installed. All statistics is not changed. Bug-firmware work as on older firmware. And the most important thing! Slot machine will not produce an error CRC error at regular intervals, as is often the case with low-quality drivers. We give 100% guarantee that our firmware bug will be 100% working without any glitches. Bug on a bonus jackpot games or designed for gaming machines: Gaminator, Admiral, Novomatic, Cobra, Hot Spot, Hot Spot Platinum and Mega Katok, as well as for lottery and entertainment simulators.

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